Bill Maher intrigued by Elon Musk but puzzled by his views on procreation and Mars colonization


Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has recently been involved in the conversation of whether or not we should have more humans on earth. I’ve been following the discussion intensely as it has recently started. We are now at the point where there seems to be no end in sight for these discussions. I understand why he wants to go after us. If you take the argument for him, he is very passionate about his goals of using humanity to help Earth better than what we have done so far. It’s great that he feels this way because his passion can only benefit the world if we do our part to preserve our mother earth. However, he does not seem able to see how colonizing Mars would actually benefit us.

Musk interview

As Elon says “we should all keep getting rich off of one thing you will never produce, but billionaires can make money with other things…” (Musk interview) This statement really resonated with me because I agree that billionaires can get rich from doing something good for the planet. I am also aware that when companies like SpaceX say they want to colonize Mars, they are lying. They are saying that they want to become a trillionaire. When this space race gets underway, the question of who gets to live in Space should be answered through space travel.

Elon Musk doesn’t seem to be looking out for us and helping to solve problems on Earth, he thinks he’ll change the human race. He claims that he was once interested in an interplanetary species called Theta but abandoned it for another project. What Elon doesn’t seem to grasp is that Mars is basically a planet that exists within one solar system that is governed by its own rules and laws. One could argue that Elon’s thoughts come across as self-centered because he assumes that even though Mars is a free planet governed by its own laws and laws, he is the superior being who can create law unto himself.

In addition, if Elon sets foot on Mars, he is going to need a lot of resources. For example, he may need to find water to run cars. He might need to feed himself. Even though Mars is the perfect place to run factories and build cities, it’s just going to be hard enough to farm and grow food. Not to mention the fact that Elon says he needs access to energy. While he’s trying to figure out ways to save the environment, he’s also looking into mining which means that he’ll need a big supply of raw materials. A company called Ingenico is working to mine gold in South America when they discovered it’s possible to get gold from underground mines. This means that most likely he’s planning to use some form of mining technique to obtain the gold he’s going to need.


In short, while Elon is talking up making Mars a reality, he is ignoring the real issue at hand — land. All of that land will sit around like sand in a bag so any attempts to put up a city or anything else on the planet will be futile. If we want to leave this planet soon, we need to start building new homes and plants before bringing back the old ones. Unless we create new technology, we are doomed to be stuck in a situation where we continue to degrade and pollute the planet. By simply wanting to go somewhere beyond our current home, he is essentially telling us that we are too advanced for what they have created so far. From my perspective, he’s setting himself up for failure.

I am hoping to see him set aside his selfish ideas to come up with solutions and work towards fixing what we already have here. Instead of going after Mars, he should be focusing on creating technologies that will make life easier and give everything back to the planet instead of starting over again. Let’s hope that he continues to focus on making progress on saving our planet instead of wasting our time and resources trying to destroy planet earth.

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