Apple’s Cutting-Edge M2 Chip Empowers Next-Generation High-End Mac PCs, Undergoing Rigorous Testing


An Apple logo on an iPhone is seen on… [+] February 1, 2023 in Manhattan borough of New York City. AFP via Getty Images

Apple has been rumored for quite some time now, with several reports suggesting that the company plans to reveal its next big product this week. The most recent report claims that the Cupertino tech giant will show off a new brand of high-end MacBook Pro laptops powered by the latest generation of chips from the M2 family – just like their current offerings – at WWDC. They’ll reportedly feature improved performance, better cooling systems, and more powerful processors.

The only question is what those will actually look like in person – we’re not sure if they’ll come ready-to-ship or have any design tweaks, but hey, you never know! We’ll have to wait and see who’s holding ’em up first. In any case, these are likely to be solidifying as some of our favorite notebooks for years to come.

New Macintosh notebook

The rumor mill was abuzz about one of three models rumored to make it from the keynote: a high-end MACbook notebook which would apparently be based on Intel’s upcoming 14th Gen CPUs. According to Bloomberg, this laptop could be similar to the Apple iBook – a popular notebook, which comes with the same 16″ flat-screen display, 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, and 1366 x 768 resolution. It’s also said that there may be upgrades to memory and storage, although we may need to buy all these new machines separately.

high-end touch display

Bloomberg also reported that the device would come with a new “high-end touch display” made specifically for Mac. This means it would reportedly use Touch Bar technology – a type of notch-less display that helps users select items such as files and web pages within apps. If this sounds familiar, you might be thinking that the iPad Pro 9.7-inch and 12-inch laptops that came out last year are already considered to be touch displays. The thing is, while both devices use Touch Bars, the Apple iBook is much smaller than the iPad Pro, so this form factor isn’t going to be as useful as a touchscreen.

The iBook does appear to have some changes compared to the other two rumors, however. For example, it seems to have fewer ports than the previous two models, though it’s unclear if that’s because it lacks USB and/or HDMI ports. There’s no word on whether either model will have built-in Wi-Fi.

It’s currently unclear how much money this high-end notebook will cost, including design and pricing details. However, even though the machine is already being teased by leaks and rumors, it’s difficult to say if anyone will ever build it. Even if Apple wanted to go with an Intel chip, it’s unlikely that either machine would be able to compete against either the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, which are two of the best in terms of performance and features. So maybe don’t expect any major surprises here.

Mac Mini PC

As always, rumors tend to turn into something spectacular over time, and this one seems to have caught fire once again after it claimed that Apple will introduce a mini PC – kind of a small and portable computer that can run Windows PCs and Linux operating systems on top.

Bloomberg notes that the mini PC is being developed under Steve Jobs’ name, and will reportedly be called the Air. Some hints are that it will have faster internals than the larger, traditional desktop version. Another clue has to do with a key difference between this mini PC and the regular MacBook Pros: it will sport a microSD card slot that allows for expansion of storage. Rumor has it that this tiny computer will be less expensive than normal desktops and laptops. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen.


So far we’ve seen no official images of this hardware, but given that it looks very similar to what we saw in the past, we can’t rule out the possibility of seeing it on a future release of macOS 11. Hopefully it won’t look anything close to the image below.

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